art and technology 2014 prediction time?

..but before all these predictions, click Here for some relevant stuff about 2013 And more past predictions from edge..

A few links to 2014 art predictions:

* a return to museum of modern art Owls department?

* More media and advert oriented than art..

* More activism than art, but here you go..

* More marketism than art, but here you go as well..
(e.g. silicon valley and, errr, art?)

* More of a mixbag predictions.. Including food, fashion, etc..

* A more as you were approach to imagining 2014, with digital linked artists getting more spots?

* Isaac Asimov talks 2014 predictions in 1964..

A few links to 2014 technology predictions:

* From the people that checked the calendar..

* Wired chips in with 2014 predictions.

* Pimped predictions by yahoo?

* An American oriented beast?

* A UAE oriented predictions for a mishmash of elements?

* Silicon capitalists big on data – or data capitalism goes main stream in the usa..?

* Hummm.. Strategic tech predictions?

* more us oriented tech predictions..

* and some more generalistic predictions, these by Ray Kurzweil..

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