art cultivation & practice

Art practice reminds or rather links nicely with stuff/practices like painting, acting, singing etc..

Art cultivation, to begin with, sounds like a synonym of practice in that context. However, perhaps in fact, cultivation is more accurate, distinctive and describes how my mind aims @ stuff when talking of practice? (hummm.. i began this post thinking all I’d say is that these terms are one and the same..)

Art practice, as far as I misunderstand it @ the moment, is a certain activity that is being continuously questioned & refined in various ways through doing it. The ways it is being refined are usually to do with the activities own environment, eg how to put paint on stuff, how to surf waves, how to slide on balls, how to tell a story with words, etc.. How to cultivate practices?

Well.. I think it sounds fine – cultivating art practices, for example. Lets take Performance Art. One can say: I practice performance art, which means a reference to a certain range of activities, concerns, histories, questions & perhaps even disciplines. However, if the notion was of cultivating performance art, then the reference would have been to more than the particular actions to do with the practice of doing & producing Performance Art – but with the cultural links, to do with stuff beyond the activity’s immediate time of practice. To do with dissemination, language, links to other practitioners, cultural organisations, etc..

It seems for me that when questioned, in a sense, we can not practice without cultivating. Even the mere “Hey Z, check this new practice I did today, stripe cleaning pavements!” – is a cultivating act because am inserting a possible new term into our culture of language. (Pavement Stripe Cleaning..)

Perhaps these might seem like semantic concerns only. However, I think it might be worth while checking whether the language and the practice of cultivation has its own peculiarities. It seems from this quick checkup, that perhaps cultivation and practice have emergent links with one another, in terms of activity range they refer to which is dependent upon one another. Perhaps this indeed means that they are interchangeable at times and at others very unique?

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