#art from conservative deserts?

Art from saudi-arabia in the usa – not bad hey?

In terms of humanising the people under saudi arabian rule?

In terms of this isn’t a bad art?

How bad an art gets before its kind of not exactly art?

When its kind of entertainment?

If its entertainment, was it art to begin with?

Maybe it wasn’t art?

Maybe some people called it art, so we can take it from there and then view how its actually entertainment?

Why not say radically that when stuff is visual – it’s not necessarily art?

How does that take the view of the other?

Being radical is being a bigot?

Radical art as in a practice that is radically itself but not something else?

Can I not say that when I opened the window 5 mins ago, that wasn’t science?

Even when someone else calls it science?

Can it not be respected that others have a view – but one might simply reject it?

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