art of posts headings or just

a curiosity..? (more likely..)

junky is conflated with a craft junky’s wishfulwould you pay anything for
this piece of junk?is this a bit mad about imagination orif you imagine
china as a future, then perhaps you fancysearch sequence #000,1.a? or just
was checkingoath as a softwareDeaf interperter at Mandela’s memorial could
notIndia’s democracy in a trans?Uruguay’s marijuana experiments – in
freedom we trust?when freedom is google, ms, twitter, apple, fb
andexpression and manifestation in art and a fewentangled in entangled
entanglements or juststill on <> and pessimism’s <> and a sort on ideas about
chinastring, sequences, gravity, rhythm, order anddna expression and
materials shared with aliens ormid-day-ish links dumpPost navigation

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