How to imagine aesthetics of a living-dead firefly?

The proposal
How to imagine aesthetics of a living-dead firefly? – an Invite

As part of Phoenix Brighton’s Final Light: Luminous Experiments for Glowing Creatures – You are invited to join the research activity that will form the practice of the attempt to find out – maybe even create – the aesthetics of at least one living-dead firefly.

If this sounds a bit vague, no worries, it is a bit…

To make the aesthetics, in the sense of how such a creature might feel/sense I will do a research that will draw in elements which might seem relevant to a living-dead firefly, eg activities with, the now dead-by-yahoo, firefly technology. And/or combine it with the sense of death looming over the firefly dancer as he aims to mate and spread life..

The research period is, in this instance, limited between 19.30/20.00 to 23.00. To come and take part, at least to begin with, ping me on skype – myaharon, irc freenode channel #livingdeadfirefly ( – if you don’t have an irc app), email me, or come to Phoenix Brighton’s green room.

The invite (sent to various lists such as spectre & netbehaviour)

The living-dead firefly – An invite to practice the possibilities of burning phoenixes

The Firefly occupies, or participates, in a variety of cultural imaginations made through events,

memories, dreams, misperceptions, songs, applications, dna strands, and more. For example, the material that makes a firefly have “fire”, to be luminous, a protein called Luciferin, comes from the latin root of “Lucifer” – a light carrier. However, there is obviously a cultural history of Lucifer as a Devil.

Another strand of Firefly related cultural imagination is of the TV series “Firefly”, which according to a fair few links a search algorithms brings – both on duckduckgo and google – a fair few people like to imagine the TV series should see the light of screens again.

The invite to the practice is to take time and collect strands of cultural imaginations through

research, discussion, and pre-confabulatory* considerations – to create the aesthetics of how an imagination of a living-dead firefly will be.

To do that, during the FINAL LIGHT night at Phoenix, I will setup an inviting table (ie a table with a sign/note declaring the invite and its nature), and work on a research – using a computer, internet, discussions with people around, etc. – that will perhaps create an aesthetics of the imagination a living-dead firefly. And if it doesn’t create the said aesthetics, it will create it’s own – the aesthetics of attempting to imagine a living-dead firefly.

These aesthetics will be used as the process and possible practice of these ways of imagination, and will be disseminated on the night through a variety of means, discursive (ie chatting with people), website/code building, dna manipulation, and others which might seem appropriate. This will create a potential of two aesthetic practices, the living-dead firefly (eg how to imagine a sense of a living dead firefly), an that of attempting – perhaps even failing – to imagine a sense of a living-dead firefly.

Like the flickering of light, and the moment of a light’s finality, there are the two opposite

possibilities of on/off, yes/no, done/undone, together with a 3rd one that is unknown. My hope

mixed with suspicion is that an unknown will come-up, hence research mode. However, I can not promise nor write it, else there is not an authentic unknown.

* A pre-confaulatory consideration is when element/entity is deliberately being placed/created/made-to-be before is has

been confabulated. Before it has been given meanings that lose the very process of giving meanings. For example, Lucifer “before” the devil, and “before” light carrier, etc. – i.e. pre meanings creation.

Documentation of the Networks (digital & physical) based investigation

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Dec 21 20:29:28 this is about firefly the company that yahoo killed or morphed?

Dec 21 20:37:03 reclassifies fireflies enzymes, in a sense.. member of a bigger family than thought..

Dec 21 20:39:05 How will the living-dead firefly sense its life via the experience with yahoo? Are there other technology related examples? Why these questions?

Dec 21 20:40:13 WHAT IF the tech related firefly experience was to make the living-dead firefly sense immanent end-of sensations? Sense end of life, when dead sense end of death?

Dec 21 20:41:09 HOW IF living-dead firefly senses End-of Immanency, will be able to integrate? (I have a positive feeling towards HOW IF questions.. Hummm)

Dec 21 20:42:11… female fireflies kill (some) male to get their lucibufagin which then “protect” the females from spiders..

Dec 21 20:45:32 – the firefly show died and someone is ASKING WHY

Dec 21 20:46:12 WHEN IF living-dead Firefly (LDFF) is going to sense combacking? Perhaps its the sense of WHEN IF show-combackness?

Dec 21 20:47:34 firefly vodka is made in louisiana

Dec 21 20:49:48 an image of the “spaceship” from the dead tv firefly made from ginger bread

Dec 21 20:50:02 am drinking ginger bear

Dec 21 20:50:18 are firefly lights ginger?

Dec 21 20:52:54 firefly has all sorts of colours.. more interesting is what kind of colours firefly likes or mean something to him/her

Dec 21 20:53:33 lucibufagin’s colour?

Dec 21 20:55:41 there is an aesthetic difference between the question of lucibufagin’s color and colour..

Dec 21 20:57:31 WHY IF LDFF the aesthetics of lucibufagin’s colour? Because the females use it, and this is the material that makes the fire in the firefly – ie what we can see.. Hummm.. Sounds like My aesthetics rather than the Firefly..

Dec 21 20:58:53 WHY IF LDFF has an affinity to lucibufagin, it might be that its senses will be more occupied with the exchanges between taste and colour of lucibufagin?

Dec 21 21:01:08 hello?

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Dec 21 21:11:50 can not get the colour of “Lucibufagins

Dec 21 21:12:24 sound? taste? the sense of survival thtrough “Lucibufagins?

Dec 21 21:14:29 was just thinking of asking people what they might think. doesnt feel right at the moment.. i could be sly and just begin a chat.. i want, i feel need for connection to be its master and designer or at least initiator.. humm

Dec 21 21:17:09 how they glow in the dark? or should the question be why? or how does it feel to glow in the dark?

Dec 21 21:24:09 female ff are a bit like uni research according someone on the know (did not ask the person to come and chat, they just did..)

Dec 21 21:25:23 so the sense/taste is of power

Dec 21 21:29:23 how do they live?

Dec 21 21:31:02 do fireflies live in nests??

Dec 21 21:31:11 do fireflies live in hives??

Dec 21 21:33:41 HOW IF LDFF sense world differently in groups/social living types?

Dec 21 21:34:27 WHAT IF LDFF sense world differently in groups/social living types?

Dec 21 21:35:13 WHEN IF LDFF sense world differently in groups/social living types?

Dec 21 21:36:05 WHY IF LDFF sense world differently in groups/social living types?

Dec 21 21:36:51 WHERE IF LDFF sense world differently in groups/social living types?

Dec 21 21:38:28 females imitate males skin then eat them

Dec 21 21:41:01 are fireflies’ lives bitter or just their taste at death ??

Dec 21 21:43:05 HOW IF LDFF bitterness for others, who mi8 eat the FF, will affect the way s/he senses the world? Is it sense or/and interacts with it? (I know am gunning towards “exchange modes” but am trying to question that in practice..)

Dec 21 21:45:42 feels good speaking with others even if has nothing to do with the research.. (ie ppl just asked about the film projected on the wall thinking/imagining?? that it was my own..)

Dec 21 21:47:23 was an interesting parallel drawn earlier between fireflies’ femme eating behaviour and uni research, how people will eat others’ research to move on and get more power/survival

Dec 21 21:48:21 HOW IF LDFF sense life through parallels? Is the process of paralellisation – or its practice – an exchange mode? (..a give and take way of sensing..)??

Dec 21 21:50:55 lucifer and power out of earth

Dec 21 21:52:39 dead file browser?

Dec 21 21:55:42 share browsing experience but limited free life

Dec 21 21:56:32 for the life of people friendly environment

Dec 21 21:58:16

Dec 21 22:00:43 Firefly Aluminum Star Effect

Dec 21 22:01:15 WHY IF LDFF sense is as a firework?

Dec 21 22:02:35 a lot of morning (son of the) echoes

Dec 21 22:04:26 HOW IF LDFF sense is as a firework, it is develish because some luciferians have fireworks and some people imagined fireworks as being of the devil?

Dec 21 22:06:23 youtube got the devil bit and gave me

Dec 21 22:07:30 here comes a guy to speak with me. he goes by the name of martin. asked what do i do i showed the paper re aesthetics of living dead fireflies – no interest.. np

Dec 21 22:11:29 HOW IF LDFF has sensitivities based imagination – ie aesthetics – that make it move between being/becomming/having the possibilities/potentialities of Death and these of Life?

Dec 21 22:13:09 HOW IF LDFF senses the movements between these modes? (is my mind pushing towards exchange modes..? Are they actually there?)

Dec 21 22:15:53 is augmented reality a living dead practice?…


Dec 21 22:23:17

Dec 21 22:26:14 fireflies vs LEDs?… LEDs dead

Dec 21 22:28:27 fireflies for a bright new set of problems…

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Dec 21 22:46:24 a game.. looks like an ar one

Dec 21 22:47:11 – an server error for a firefly page/info (didn’t make this up..)

Dec 21 22:48:30 – uncanny.. didnt make this one either..

Dec 21 22:50:40 firefly seem to move a lot

Dec 21 22:51:19 HOW IF LDFF senses the movements as errors? Seems like the senses of this LDFF are very harsh.. Bitter + Errors + Survival + Power-struggle + Sensing the immanence of the opposite phase..?

Dec 21 22:53:14 WHY IF LDFF these kind of senses miss the senses of the links between these sensitive elements?

Dec 21 22:55:21 the sleeping kid next to me just woken up by her parent

Dec 21 22:58:56 told the mom re abusive “security” guy because I didn’t want her to have a stupid encounter on the way out..

Dec 21 23:01:37 probably i imagined the aesthetics of the security guy.. How if the aesthetics of the security guy are linked to the living-dead firefly? How will the firefly Fly in such a butch form?

Dec 21 23:06:26 reconnected

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Dec 21 23:14:45… firefly in g marx film, fake seduction and flickery

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Dec 21 23:15:45 HOW IF LDFF imagines i just wrote on one of the papers that it begins to feel like a flickery aesthetics but that is kind of binary..?

Dec 21 23:16:09 binary feeling of the world is that firefly?

Dec 21 23:16:33 HOW IF LDFF imagines is that just a livingdead one?

Dec 21 23:17:07 WHAT IF LDFF senses that I am limited in my sensing of him/her..?

Dec 21 23:19:00 HOW IF LDFF imagines i live through death and die through life however i have an energy that gets me through both opposites.. i get high on power and source it via other fireflies lives and dna. i need it to survive

Dec 21 23:22:23 WHY IF LDFF imagines i get power to survive and survive for power. i feel alive and up with the world once neither are either but when both exchange together with one another and for that, there is the element of connection the sense of connection between the elements i sense.. like a roaming internet connection..?

Dec 21 23:24:35 WHY IF LDFF sense of connection is missing, all these other senses will not be even imagined?

Dec 21 23:25:11 WHERE IF LDFF sense of connection is missing, all these other senses will not be even imagined?

Dec 21 23:25:57 HOW IF LDFF sense of connection is missing, all these other senses will not be even imagined?

Dec 21 23:26:22 WHEN IF LDFF sense of connection is missing, all these other senses will not be even imagined?

Dec 21 23:27:04 HOW IF LDFF the sense is that the firefly revolves around light?

Dec 21 23:30:16 is LDFF and me in a great need of a hot drink? Seriously, are we umbilicaly connected? Where is that connection in the IF level of the imagination animal/organism that is struggling to get a life here?

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Dec 21 23:31:22 the livingdead firefly might not be very conceptual

Dec 21 23:32:11 the firefly seems “beautiful” to people – as some said before the research – as if some people perceive watching them as a performance?

Dec 21 23:33:20 if beauty is a visual aesthetics?

Dec 21 23:34:26 HOW IF beauty is a visual aesthetics and and FF’s own sensitivities die via the imposition of a performative conception upon his/her activities?

Dec 21 23:35:04 WHAT IF I think the livingdead firefly does not come as an algorithm..? does it really feel algorithmically or through intersections? in movements between elements?

Dec 21 23:36:24 like the light moving? luci – light fer – move ? HOW IF the devil is a nomad?

Dec 21 23:36:59

Dec 21 23:37:50 HOW IF LDFF is not afraid of movements/moving and imagines it as an elementary evolutionary being?

Dec 21 23:38:23 Living dead and society

Dec 21 23:39:05 the social life of living dead in a game

Dec 21 23:39:54…

Dec 21 23:40:36 Social life of ff

Dec 21 23:41:01

Dec 21 23:41:59 more ff social life with a lush pic this time..

Dec 21 23:42:37 ff social life – the animation

Dec 21 23:43:12 WHAT IF LDFF aesthetics is deeply intertwines with social exchanges and she/he can not trust its own society?

Dec 21 23:43:55 HOW IF LDFF aesthetics is deeply intertwines with social exchanges and she/he CAN trust its own society?

Dec 21 23:44:50 humm.. A firefly social network with activism in china?…

Dec 21 23:45:38 HOW IF LDFF imagines a chinese state of life? Or perhaps it couldn’t imagine such an experience? Else the LDFF will simply sense china and might feel it complements his/her own LivingDead Bitter aesthetics?

Dec 21 23:46:29 WHAT IF LDFF imagines only through movement – can WHAT be authentically asked?

Dec 21 23:46:29 WHEN IF LDFF lives outside the interchanging links between my mind and various presentations of it?

Dec 21 23:47:44 HOW IF LDFF lives outside these interchanging links, will it function evolutionary? ( it some sort of my own personal historical non-nescesity that asked that question – rather than the LDFF?)

Dec 21 23:48:50 IF LDFF is saying: “aharon, stop that self indulgent psycho mumble bubble, be open and just let me be”?

Dec 21 23:50:31 they asked me to go.. shame.. ..or is it? 😉

Dec 21 23:51:03 the security people again provide insecurity galore

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