basic income for all?

Today in Swiszerland – referendum about a universal basic income (ubi).
UBI? yes, check

I think its an inevitable way to keep being occupied by capitalism.
yes, it keeps monetary – numerical – means as the way to make exchanges. It allows keeping the reliance on numerical accounts of exchange as a form of violence to keep people in check.
UBI offers a mean to allow automation while ensuring people will not rebel against automation drives. However, by doing so, I think it opens way to keep power structure as is, no?
Hence, for example, it de-insentivise to change how come income gap is growing, while doing nothing to alter or stop the process.

are you against automation?

no. am against capitalist automation. an automation made to support power of one group over another via exchance mechanisms. (eg money or other numerical capital..)

In short. I think UBI might seem radical, while in fact be just a tool to maintain current situation.. In short, I think UBI is not radical enough to warrant support.
Unfortunately, with the view of automation processes, it seems at the moment to be the only way out..

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