beyond Beyoncé?

Do you think Beyoncé is uncool or something?

Nothing of the kind. However, I think there might be a tragic element in linked sequences.. What do you think of this?

Stop killing marginalized people! Are you against that?

Check the tweet.. A linked person, one that makes a sequence with Beyoncé’s opinion, states: The queen has spoken. How can we have un-marginalised people in a world when we treat people hierarchically?

Queen is just a statement of respect.. Don’t you get it?

I do indeed. Its intended as respect from hierarchical view. Why not The insightful Beyoncé has spoken? Or the prophet Beyoncé..? (as in prophetic/truth telling..) etc..?

Look someone needs to rise up and say enough is bloody enough!!!!! What’s your problem? Can’t you just respect and accept that people can – and need – to express their views and articulate it in a way that represents the community they live within?

Maybe I can, perhaps can not.. In my view, my abilities and mostly the lack of them – is not the question. I think that precisely representing people, and the innate requirement of hierarchy to do that – alters whatever message one is trying to express. Like hitting a child while telling them to not hit people.. Seen these parents?

How else would you represent a community?

IDK.. Maybe communities should not be represented.. Not by individuals, self appointed or not.. It’ll bring an unnecessary conflict.. Like the text, as is, would deffo marginalise me with the calls for prayers.. However, maybe there is another difficulty in my mind here.. Does it not accept the right of state violence – just calls to direct it towards people other than marginalised ones?

The state has the monopoly over violence.. Part of the elements which define a state, no?

Indeed.. However, how can I support such statement when I am pro elimination of state violence?

You live in a dreamland. A Utopia. A world that isn’t here.. lol How do you want to treat violent situations, with flowers? With sweet flavours?

Yes.. good questions.. How can we know if we do not try? How can we have a clue if we haven’t had a chance to sniff other ways?

So.. How can you criticise someone, Beyoncé, or who ever for talking from the view of being in a violent world?

How can I not offer such a critique when the subject is indeed the question of our violent culture?

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