beyond queuing binaries?

At the supermarket queue someone behind me got pushed.
She said:
AAARRGGHHH! I don’t like it – why people are SO Rude??!!
Then a bit of a vitriol came.

I said that indeed in these kind of events, it is hard to find the right thing to say..
Then it occured that she lets people piss her off.
She agreed.
However, I thought, will it be wise to suggest “keep calm”??
No, I thought. Then you get yourself knotted, but hide.. Kind of even more knotted, no?
What if she just pretended it didn’t happen? Moved on and forgot?
Then she’d be releasing some materials that will come to haunt her once getting used to ignoring others settles in..

So I said:
It is really tricky.. How do we both acknowledge the feeling of pissedoffness, but then keep cool and move on? ie:
you get pissed off – not calm.
you get to move passed the disturbance time.
you get to sense, acknowledge, the event.

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