beyond legislation?

Outside the law?

Sniffing white powder?

Art is illegal?

Art has to be beyond the law – but this is legal for its art?

How about this comment re brexit?

What about it?

The reference to some brexiteers double standards?

Can we legislate against double standards?

How about legislating against muddy policy proposals?

The great articulation law?

Wow! lol – Does it not sound a bit like a law one could find in china?

Why china? Perhaps you mean any sort of authoritarian leaning regime?

Why is it not democratic to demand people will be clear?

Maybe because your question illustrates that particular impossibility – if we rather fancy a clear, open and fearless debate? 😉

Are you being sarcastic?

What’s unclear in demanding people’s clarity?

What kind of clarity?

How this clarity should be articulated?

When will that clarity be appropriate?

When might it not?

So what do we do when people sell lies?

Political lies?

Isn’t that a different question?


I tell you, as a politician, that if you elect me, I will provide free housing for all – if I didn’t deliver that, was I misleading? Lying? Being misunderstood? etc.?

..and Art?

Why not science?

Lets’ begin with art?

I still don’t get the authoritarian bit of a great articulation law – why can we not set some rules?

Indeed – what kind of rules?

Is that when art comes in?

Like artworld rules ok?

No.. I think that’s precisely when we should turn to science and its rigour – what kind of open and checkable practices can we use for cultural rigour rather than woolliness?


As in unclear and too general?

But science wasn’t always done in the way it is today – what are you on about?

Precisely – lets ask how come science, following the scientific revolution, when some rigour for research was initiated and began to be commonly articulated – how come we leaped so much?

If it was good for science – does it mean it will be good for other practices?

Are you saying the artworld is not rigorous?

What’s the difference between having a particular view of what is and whet isn’t art – and being rigorous?

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