brexit and clear plans?

Another thing I do not comprehend is the way a vivid lack of clear planning does not seem to impede the brexit drive.
When people want to change course, they usually require a clear idea – a clear vision – as to what to do next, no? Unless the events sequence is utterly disastrous, there is a storm the house is breaking, we need to move away. Anywhere away from the storm is better.
But there isn’t a storm. Its not like if we remain in the eu, things go or even clearly will go awfully negatively. Indeed, being in the eu allows leaving if in the future things will go very difficult indeed.

When an opposition party fancies being a governing party, they tend to work pretty hard indeed on producing a clear as possible plan to show that what they offer is indeed possible. eg during elections, the accusations and questions around economic plans adding up, or not.
With brexit, even the logic doesn’t seem to add up. eg, say you are against migrants, or that you really really deeply feel threatened by migration:
* do you think that if, as brexit campaigners promise, the uk negotiates a new trade agreement with the eu, a bit like norway or the swiss where free movement is part of the deal – there will be less migrants?
* do you think that if, as per brexit rap, they will use a point system, that number of migrants will reflect your own, or that of big business?

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