Brighton Rome Roma Brighthelm (BRRB)

general idea
To bring geographically mapped sounds from Rome into Brighton and vice versa.
We will take the exact measurements of Rome, be it within the 7 hills, and superimpose the resulting coordinates onto Brighton. These coordinates will serve to map the locations of sounds in Rome, and play them in the corresponding geo locals in Brighton.
The same process will be done in Rome, where the Brightonian measurments will be superimposed onto Rome and the coordinates will be used to serve sounds from Brighton in their corresponding locations in Rome.

how people experience BRRB
Sounds will, initially, be produced by individuals, groups and communities who volunteer to contribute sounds relevant to them.*
To access these sounds, we will develop sound based Augmented Reality app for mobile devices such as smart phones & pads. This app will show people where sounds are in their environment, the super-imposed maps, and when a person is in a sound inhabited location – they’ll be able to listen.
For example, we might get sounds from market traders in Brighton’s open-market played in its corresponding location in Rome. Or, a person could visit the Colosseum mapped in Brighton, by going to the corresponding location and listen to sounds made by people in the Rome based Colosseum.

how sounds will be produced & introduced to BRRB
We will use a variety of means to get people to place sounds:
<> Radio stations with links to communities. We will produce radio content about the people & or groups, and or communities that will introduce sounds. These might, for example, be:
– Local musician who could get their music played in corresponding locations to where they might be recording, or have played a gig, etc.
– Local story tellers who might have a story about a certain location.
– Stand up comics who want to tell their failed joke from, for example, corresponding locations to where they live.
– Communities who might record meetings, stories, discussions, songs, etc.
– Individuals who simply want to have a sound based memory of them in a related local but else-where.
– Market traders.
– Sound archives of relevant locations.
All these are just initial possible radio and/or webtv shows ideas..

* The idea with BRRB, and perhaps the pitfall in its name(?), is that it can be a sort of platform in two ways:
1. We can begin it as a radio disseminated project, and then move on to open it up for people to add sounds..?
2. This can serve as a model that could be implemented with other cities

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self crit a bit? what if this project criticted via its constructive elements, the process of design.. sort of inherent super imposition?
another thing can be done with film/cinema.. where in the environs some cinema was done..?

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