soylent, broccoli and me?

I have been recommending soylent, and considering it myself – for when I have time and money to organise – for some time now.

However, one of my constant grimes with soylent is the feeling it is a sort of conservative effort. Not simply because of its capitalistic outlook – getting funds to automate and make profits – but also because it assumes we know already.
One of the perks of eating various food sources is stumbling on – or risking – ideas regarding to feed. It might be that you eat stuff that isn’t actually very cool for you, eg, cows – or stuff that you had no idea was pretty cool for you, eg broccoli.

However, the way we eat nowadays is in itself too traditional and routed in lives based in times and environments that are foreign for our urban realities. Hence I am convinced we ought to change/evolve how we energise our bodies – am just questioning the soylent solution..
Perhaps I should also raise this question in one of the forums one day..

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