collective go to indiegogo and help numerically & eternally brotherhoodly with

(out of net yet in innately internet) ETINTERBRO dead-sea instance?

indiegogo the-eternal-internet-brotherhood funding for deadsea instance campaign.

Details about my contribution and why a bit of financial numerical assistive-linking could help in the purchase of some needed hardware for

Please get in touch to discuss linking?

Financial assistive-link, there is a need to get:

More loosely defined linking/connections, yet not less valued than finance:
if you have other possible input by way of ideas, stuff i failed to consider, you want to have your own communitybox-exchange practice linked, it seems interesting and you want to chat (conversations, specially memorable ones, are appreciated, in my mind at least..), something else you imagine could be required and I didn’t/couldn’t/failed to imagine?

Am beginning to imagine linking between people, eg you, and the area/other-people/entities there via boxes..
Perhaps this kind of strand/sequence, or link-able sequences, could be discussed as well..

For more general information about community boxes, check bom bane’s communitybox gallery..


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