CommunityBoxes exchange – an idea for The ETINTERBRO’s dead-sea instance

An idea proposal/invite for the dead sea eternal Internet brotherhood’s instance:
CommunityBoxes exchange –
communitybox with a soap-box for cleansing protection?

CommunityBoxes (CB) are local pop-up internet that function as social objects.
CommunityBoxes can be placed anywhere, to store and share information via digital means, only in a very specific location*.

The idea:
Use CommunityBoxes to leave documentation of ETINTERBRO’s activities in the space-place they happened, and to link with Palestinian artists that perhaps might be welcome take part, yet unable through the restrictions set by the conflict in the area.

1. I will skateboard* through Palestinian communities living between the Dead-Sea and Jericho, collect documentation/material to take with me to the Eternal Internet Brotherhood’s participants.
2. Collected material will be considered by the brotherhood for dis/inclusion in CommunityBoxes that will contain documentation/material of participants activities during their stay.
3. Palestinian artists that will be included, will receive in exchange a CommunityBox to place around where they live.
4. After the event, a map showing areas where CommunityBoxes can be accessed from, will be available online.
Hence people could experience elements of the brotherhood’s time in the place/s it happened.

* CommunityBoxes wifi signals are about 5 meters from any given box.
* skateboarding is, imho, a negotiative and playful way to travel. (Negotiative because of having to keep responding to & with environmental realities..)
Perhaps through skateboarding playfulness, that it helps to bring down barriers and make immediate connections with people of all ages and backgrounds.

further details, technicalities and context.

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