corbyn’s labour – right wing?

Corbyn’s labour is a right wing party?

More than Labour under blair and brown?

Just a provocative statement, isn’t it? 😉

How about miliband’s labour?

This miliband?

Didn’t may just nicked labour’s 2015 policies?

Is this what makes labour a right wing party?

Perhaps, if labour – and much of the “left” – didn’t complain about may and other right wingers taking “left wing” policies to dress up, then it might begin being an opposition?

What rubbish! Surely, the fact someone nicks your car doesn’t mean you are not entitled to point out its actually yours?

Isn’t the question here – is it really yours?


Are the tories new intents really labours’? When the tories say that they fancy giving workers more representation on boards, for example – are these really intents the left is happy with?

Like the continued disregard for unions?

Or the tory/right-wing in-ability to rid itself from capitalism?

Or the fact that it all sounds a bit like pre-thatcher mid 20th century right-wing?

You mean right wing, social conservativism, and keeping people exactly where and how they are?

Something like that – is that Labour?

Is that Syrisa?

Is that podemos?

Is that the green party, or Five-Star Movement?

..So why corbyn’s labour talk about the immorality of xenophobic britain?

Is it not immoral?

Is it not a question of developing and promoting new ideas that expose the fact right-wing parties are there to appear supportive of people in need – but in fact they are there to support remaining in plight?

Like when they talk about jobs but having to be in a life-long debt if one fancies learning and developing new ideas, skills, attitudes, etc..?

oh! lol! Actually, how about moving away from the power hungry descriptive politics – which policy and idea development are?

Is it that that whether right, left or whatever wing – they are all kind of same?

Maybe not they but we?


We who accept descriptive politics rather than evolutionary?

And what is that on about?

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