cosmic ocean art?

oceans can come to live as cosmic #artists since
their imagination comes
inscribed ontologicaly in their very co2 fabric.

Imagination that comes UnDone when water materiality potentialities find themselves instantiated?

This doesn’t point at
potentia Everywhere –
and potentia as #art
(as i mistakenly claimed a few life times ago).

possibly in certain kinds of #art and #artists that – like oceans –
have their material as their symbolic projection.
Own escape.

How oceans may symbolically project?
Consider other planets when and where co2 oceans do not come and live.
Can we not consider that as a very consequence of an aesthetic sequence in which
co2’s friction – feedback from other planetary local elements – was ended rather than repeated?

So – in a sense – the ripples on ocean water, coming from winds or via waves that crashed onto shores –
are oceans’ very own imagination working, living their #art?