deadsea/palestine gallery archives and how they might evolve?

I am feeling a bit uneasy about the curated archives in community boxes because it feels finite, unquestioning..
Sort of default and defaulting to a known, rather than pushing/exploring – I suppose..
It seems that since the process skates/transgress borders as well as notions of art, artists roles and how they might link over space time and sequences, it requires a matching trajectory in the way stuff is archived/exhibited/shared-with-others as well..

More over, I think that the possible manipulation of the archiving process in the community boxes that are on the ground, will add further incentive to actually visit them… Allowing evolving manipulations of the way the archives are done, will, I think, produce on the ground values that go beyond the mere images/sounds/texts/etc that were curated into the archive.. No?

It might be very interesting to learn the specifics of data archiving for art and artists.. (hummmm.. am specifying here data rather than Digital data, with a question of whether data in general could be applicable to other materials, eg bio stuff.. I doubt.. But might be interesting somehow as a process..?)

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