decentralised web and the masks of ideologies?

Is a decentralised web = an expression of a particular ideology?

What’s the other option?

Can ideologies be, infact, some sort of masks for power?

Power? What kind of power?

Maybe as in who commands the castle? Reigning kind of power?

Isn’t power an ideology in itself?

A decentralised web – a question of ideology, contingency, necessity or ontology?


ie – does the web, to be a web – rather than some clusters of linked computers for example, has to be de-centralised?

Check this regarding the decentralised web summit. Is it not interesting when the writer notes that Microsoft perhaps had a power question between what its coders and the company fancied doing?

How does it link with power and ideologies?

Is it not a question whether the company talked of closed source ideology – eg how else people will be motivated, etc. – just because they fancied controlling their workers as well as their products? (control as power..?)

..and the workers/coders didn’t have an ideology?

According to the writer of this, they had a power thing going on as well. ie what if they liked the idea that in a floss environ they could take code done while in microsoft and use it in their own way?

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