DeGeneres and regeneration of contemporary racism?

DeGeneres and regeneration – is it a pun attempt?

..and racism from the race?

How come stuff like ellen degeneres riding the fastest man on earth – ever – is racist?

Does it not suggest the riding is to do errands?


Who used to do errants in ellen degeneres’s culture’s social history?

oh! but Used to is a key word, no?

Well.. Who is more likely to do jobs some people rather not do?

Lets ask it differently? Nowadays, who is more likely to be shot at by police?

What’s that police shooting got to do with errands?

Why can’t it be just a woman riding a fast man to do her stuff quickly?

Is this not an attempt to curb freedom of speech?

I think that perhaps instead of a curb, this is an example of using it, no?


Degeneres could not have said what she uttered in a society that makes speech a fearful act, right?

But now, following the twitter woohaa of accusations and recriminations – will elen degeneres not be frightened in her future utterances?

Is this not a different question?


How do we conduct discourse?

Even with lowlevel everyday racists?

Is it a racist or racism?

Any difference?

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