design intent and art?

I intend to write something about how intention shifts. the rhythm trajectory is from past through present to future. the energy for the writing is behind it.

I intend to write something that will shift your thoughts about intentionality. Now the intent is to have a very certain effect via, possibly, certain design that will produce an effect with such a profound singularity – that each person will experience a shift that is promised.
Time rhythmically trajectory speaking, I think this is an end sequence repeats itself over and over again. The past – intended – is replicated in the future – the designed and singular effect.

I intend to write something that will link intention, design, time, rhythms and art. Now all I need to do is link these up, and the intention is done. However, if am just writing about these subjects, what have I added by stating that indeed that was my intention? Perhaps an indication that as far as design & intent goes, there is no more to read into the text? If you read more – perhaps its your own reflection?
The rhythm is kind of very much in the present. Sort of I am here & now, Here & now..

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