digitality, algorithms and biologicality

Am attempting to consider the algorithms that become increasingly more sophisticated in order to, for example, make sounds seem richer and clearer. Are these algorithms really solutions or just a stop gap before we get some new biological life forms that, for example, will produce certain sounds, or sound ranges? Since these might be sound producers will be organic/biological life, I guess that:
They will not require the sophisticated algorithms because they will produce rich organic sounds anyway.
They will not require an algorithmic, but epigenetic imagination, in order to begin existing.
They will not be a digital form of biological beings, but more complex because they are organic.

However, what is it that am suggesting here? We should wait and do nothing till we can make sound-organisms? Maybe not.. But also, I think that perhaps the very possibility of doing such organisms, should at least place our current interest and dedication to algorithms, if not in context, at least seen as a sort of a switch between..?

Perhaps, I should just concentrate on developing imagination ways that might develop similar creatures?

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