direction without a fit?

It seems curious that “direction of it” has a requirement to, err, Fit. The fitness issue is between words/mind and world/power, in my view. The power is an extension here so will try to focus on why this extension occurred.
If I declare a couple to be married, then according to direction of fit, this declaration will fit the world only if the world will give me the power to do that.
If we are in a world that 2 individuals are of equal power, then one can say to another will you marry me, and the other may make it a mutual wish, or not – however the marriage itself will have to be granted by a different power, one that may alter the social perception of the couple. One that society is willing to allow telling it – the social body sequence – that the couple is indeed “married”.

The issue of power and fitness is interesting here, in my mind, precisely because it illustrates a certain perception of mind/words/desire/beleifs and imagination that am trying to engage but not marry.. The idea is that there is a certain duality between world of general real and world of mind real which they ought to fit somehow as a matter of value assignment. eg when X fit that its valuable, or more of a value then X not fitting. Hence the questions of beliefs and desires and their operational fitness. ie the need or otherwise of beliefs to fit the world or vise-versa.

While I think certain imaginations do have this duality, and obviously people experience it, am critical about its universality and perceived necessity.. (or is it perceived necessity and universality – ie both are perceptions?)
The argument is that if we take imaginative sequences, even these of beliefs – i believe there is a goddess with sexy male angels only. As a belief, it has intrinsic character that places it as a personal vision/revelation that might be fuzzy for some if not all. Hence, in and of itself, as a belief via which I might fancy doing stuff in my life, it is indeed a reality. A believed reality. I can pray for the sexy angles and have an orgy with them and the godless every time I might fancy because I believe it keeps the world rolling. However, this is a belif not a question of necessary power to Make the world, unless I need universal confirmation to maintain the imaginational belief sequence. Not unless I WANT IT TO FIT.

Hence, not all imaginations require having a fit. Indeed, even according to the direction-of0-fit theory, the imagination can be in and of itself, it becomes a question of world fitness only when – via x or y circumstances – the person in question Wants to Make an imagination be a Fitness question.
eg, I can desire Z without having to consume Z – making the desire be a question of fitness. I can simply desire Z and have the Desire itself.
One can believe in the sexy angels and the dog goddess without having that belief matching/fitting their general experience of the physical world.

It might be argued that here am advocating a sort of duality between imagined and generally accessible sequences, however, am saying that its more like a variation in sequences than duality. I might have a sequence of 3 2 5 4 7 6 9 11 13 12 etc..this sequence might be part of other practicalities apart fro numericals – eg a dance, a visual pattern, etc. – however this is not, in my mind, a duality because each physicality is a reality in and of itself. (yes, multiple realities…)

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