distance & silence collider (Brighton instance)

#ff0000;">INITIAL IDEA
We will create a spacetime-based archive of sounds, sound related stories, memories – or just recorded stories/memories that link to a space/place and time/period. eg my experience at the level in 1973.

These recordings will be made by Brighton Communities radio and web-tv, to be made as shows in their own right using these platforms.

To archive these shows, we will use a web based tool, a distance collider. This will allow people to add stuff to the archive, it will list it in terms of period and place (eg year, and location in the city) – however, crucially, when played initially, it will begin with all the relevant recordings (eg, for the level, or the level in ’73, or ’73) playing at the same time!
This will prompt people to use a time and distance equalizer type widget. This will allow people to create with the archive using their relevant sensitivities, and creativity. Each instance will be save-able and share-able

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