29 Ifs and a few others?

If imagination is imprisoned by other realities – eg “do it” ongoing exhibition
if imagination has its own reality that aspires, like realities do, to live itself rather than as an interpretation of itself
if imagination is an interpretative If (an if that Can be interpreted, yet once interpreted is not an if in the interpretation/translation)
if imagination, like a number, is an abstract rather than just an abstraction
if an abstract imagination is immanent to its ifs and no other
if imagination needs no prison of another real to adhere to, free as in fearless
if fearless imagination is alive in if
if living ifs’ oxygen is search processes
if search as in research-less, search x for searching x, and search y for searching y – is aesthetics of search
if searching, when Ifs in mind, fires imagination fearlessly
if fire is a power-neutral energy
if if energy is an if that has a being of a question
if a question is just a quest of itself that searches its searching with fearless imagining
if fearless imagination is an art process
if artists’ practices are technologies of imagination
if technologies are meaningless
if imagining with meaningful words makes fearful and well imprisoned imagination via the prejudice of meanings
if imagination requires prisons
if men should occupy public spaces and kill rivals imagination so women could imagine it is done just for them rather than is just being an imagination
if men’s imagination makes prisons filled mainly by male fears of ifs
if women should stay in-doors/hidden/unseen-as-individual well imprisoned in well kept open jails
if open prisons conflated as homes are women’s jails to tuck in firing yet dreading imagination intends to keep men’s fearful imaginations unseen
if imagining from within a prison imprisons the walls to the process of fetishising stuff beyond them
If human imagination is well imprisoned in cultural To-Do/To-Act demands as exemplified in the just do-it Nike ads, calls for actions by well intended charitable causes and the on going Duchamp inspired exhibition: DO IT.
if examples are indeed links to samples they Intend to exemplify
if imagination is an if sequence rather than the sequences of as-if, examples might be

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