do trump does an anarchist illustration of agamben?

Trump does Agamben?

Well.. perhaps its Agamben who did trump and his ilk?

Trump an anarchist?

In an Agambian way?

Some of the stuff agamben points out re privileged people, aka people in power, is that they get to do anarchy, right?

Right? where? When?

Well.. Why wouldn’t you check agamben?

Why not just give the link?

‘Cos I can do the rules?

Am I not against rules?

Well.. Whether agamben said it or not, is there no reasonable argumernt to be made claiming that to make laws, in fact, one has toy be outside of the laws?

Now.. Say we have a whole class of people outside the laws?

Which laws?

Well.. A candidate for the us presidency just plead with a different country, russia no less, to spy on a rival candidate.. Lets say I called on some friendly country, like Denmark, or even Poland – picking up one we didn’t fight once – and ask them to spy on the pm’s emails. Will I not get at least a bit questioned by the powers-that-be?

Oh! Why would they question?

According to agamben, perhaps, its because I am not part of the ruling anarchy – because I don’t have anarchic privileges?

..and trump enjoys the privileges?

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