dynamics abstract of huh??

!!!am feeling a bit stuck stuck STCK!!!

CONSIDERING abstrac dynamic sequences. i keep running into blocks or rather bumping into them head 1st..

the embodiment of links?
the embodiment of intervals?
the embodiment of vibrations?
do we need numbers?
how to deal with concepts?/ideas??
where do frictions/concepts?/ideas come in?

the whole dynamics???

are these their own properties or only in refrence?

—– —–

however, with if, we need not restrictive rules but keep the question. eg:

if blue bumps 2 that links with quick-friction?
this repeats itself to death, development or evolution. It is not a rule becaue if it doesn’t repeat, its dead on arrival?
no it will have a disintegrative future, this way or the other that, by having the IF, is imanent to itself. take the IF off and you get the need for arbitrary power to keep the sequence. With the if, there is an innate and imanent check.
|||| /||||| |||
|||| /||||| ||| ?
IF |||| /||||| |||

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