easyjet hard against skateboarding

Just gone through “security”* in Luton airport for an easyjet flight to falafel-land*.
Had my skateboard set as wheels for my hand laggage, as the whole setup is the size easyjet allows – i checked..
A guy on the way to security told me that such skateboard wheels are “illegal” – so I put the board inside the bag. (yup, its a small board used for travelling in town. If you haven’t tried, perhaps you should. Its kind of fun! 😉 )
On the way back, the guy that told me off, smiled and let me through. However, the security people that check with a camera stopped me and said I should go to get the board tagged by easyjet.

In fascism, the state’s power is authoritarianly breaking any semblance of equality processes for the benefit, profit, glory and power of capital stake holders. In the little proto fascist state of Luton airport, the security is bent for the benefit of the airlines. Instead of letting me through, as I had a baggage just like anyone, they said that because they could see inside a skateboard, and everyone knows such things are onlt for sport and not some tools for transport – I have to be sent to benefit easyjet and bestow another £27 into their accounts..

Is this the last time I am easyjetting? Perhaps luton airporting?? Perhpas not many other airliners and airports out there offer a different proposition..

I’ll have to check.. Well.. Even if there are alternatives – am just a drop in a huge dry sand desert..

* Security
The equipment that check for metal as you go through blipped for me on my 1st attempt. (before being told to tag the skateboard)
When I asked why, they said it has a random “thing” that blips beyond human intervention.
Then, after tagging the board, it blipped randomly again when I passed through..

* Falafel-land is a possible name for Palestine. Am still negotiating with my kids re that..

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