entrainment bags?

Yesterday, in Lille, I went to check some backpacks since the one on me is a bit ripped.
Noticed a few bags that seemed plausible, however, following a further reflection, it seemed i could get better ones a few days from now – so the thing can wait.

However, a few hours following the above decision, I noticed a few people walking and cycling about with bags just like I didn’t buy.
Then, the brain went – oh! did I miss anything? Maybe it could be a good idea to get such a bag afterall?
Sure enough, that thought was too silly to follow – since people might buy from all sorts of reasons, connections and other stuff i will never be able to know, so it has nothing todo with my own circumstances.
However, the point is, i think, that i did have 2nd thought. A second chance for the bags tp be sold..

This thing of numbers and power, i notice, works in front of me, with the waiter here in the coffee..
The waiter just refused to speak english with a customer, despite evidently comprehending the request.
Would the waiter, like one of these bags, be able to maintain their narrative if they thought people around will not respond? (eg will not speak french..)

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