entrapments of palestinians – metphors for living occupied by capitalism?

Was just reading a review of Omar, a film by the same guy that did paradise Now! Should search for this..
Just reading the review, I was wondering why I find this so arresting.. Nothing in my life is really connected to experiences of being an occupied person/entity.

However, beyond the empathy with the Other, it keeps feeling that the Other is perhaps not so other as it might initially seem to be..
Perhaps the brutal and horrifying reality of being entrapped is for us an illustration, an embodiment of something we experience daily and feel it ever so subtly.
The israeli soldier that get to be the bastard she/he can never get close to when not in uniform, is perhaps the childish dreams of vengeance some of us might sense when realising homes are repossessed, or that one has to prostitute their time just to get some food.. Everybody seems to do that, which makes it all seem normal and legit..

Omar and palestinians by extension, are perhaps most of humanity, the occupied 99% that has to carry power and support it and its whims. Entrapped between our wish to live full and loving lives with dignity, and the reality need that love and dignity, to be, they require freedom and equality. Hence suddenly politics come into the sequences..
Like the Omar character, we are told that if we want to get an easy life, to live with love and at least the appearance of dignity, we need to betray our freedom and processes of equality – because if we don’t then power feels threatened..

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i think the comments by the director are very interesting:

* yes, nazareth is ofcourse Palestine – unless there is a MUTUAL agreement otherwise and as long as its citizens feel palestinians rather than anything else.
* indeed, the israeli/zionist indignation (this was done in “israel”) is in itself about power the power of the state to tell people how to define stuff. however, because they do not, the power is devoured of legitimacy.
* the director talk about a love story movie where occupation is in the background.. i wonder if the reaction to the film is not a proof of entrapment, where occupation’s traps are brought to foreground regardless..
Indeed, i wonder if when occupation has been repealed and is over and done with – whether the film’s resonance will be more of a love story.. Perhaps the reading with occupation is different now because it still operates? (the occupation is still there..)

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