entropy as a god?

Was just re-reading about Jeremy English’s idea of being within a material evolution in which energies get – i’d say Cultured – into converting/translating energies and disseminating them ever more efficiently so that process will increase entropy.
Some terms here are via my own energy translation and dissemination – eg “translation”, “culture” (verb) “efficient” (verb in this setting).

J. English is using the term “Work” to describe the part, or an element, which processes the energies – eg the light being processed by a plant, etc. I think this might just be an unfortunate term for a very fruitful theory, It seems that framed as “Work” it will be easy for people to make religious allusions, e.g. that “god” or a”gods” are/is in fact entropy and whether we like it or not, we work for it. Slaves of entropy? Some already do make entropy and god allusions. It just seems unfortunate to fuel that fire terminologically.

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