erdogan, turkey, egypt, fear and how to spot a 21st century despot?

I noticed some hebrew publications featured a story re turkey pm, erdogan, and his remark that turkey has some evidence that points towards israeli engineered coup in egypt.
As the link to what erdogan allegedly said points out, the evidence is a jew. An intellectual jew. That person, the-intellectual-jew TIJ, was heared saying that morsi, in his opinion, will not stay long in power.
Is this the kind of evidence the pm of turkey finds worthy of consideration?
Well.. perhaps yes, if the next attributed thoughts are erdogan’s, he says that TIJ did not consider elections the only mechanism in a democracy, indeed, TIJ said – according to erdogan – that people’s will is just an element, not THE only tool in a democracy. (I have learned that in 1st citizenship lesson..)

Now, not only erdogan shows himself to be a bigot full of childish, infantile and ignorant views – perhaps even mind, I think that more importantly, he shows himself as clueless about how democracy works while claiming – or pretending – to entrench democracy turkey. In fact, if he thinks democracy has nothing to do with education, civil society, separation of power – indeed critique and perhaps erosion of powers – with emancipation, with equality, etc. – all as processes that never end, then perhaps he does harbour despotic aspirations for turkey. Well, if not despotic, perhaps authoritarian and anti-democratic?

Is this the way 21st century do stuff?

Or, perhaps they could have a sort of communal authoritarianism based on fear as is exeplified by the israeli press coverage of this “story”? ie instead of questioning erdogan’s human integrity and qualities as a turkish pm and representative, he becomes just another example in a tall tale tellers about the jews.

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