examples of curational approaches for H2T? materials

H2T?, as a way to imagine, produces materials that is and of itself through the focus on trans elements.
This focus could, I suppose, change from one h2t? artist to another, just like a programmer or a writer might have different ways to perceive their practice.

Here are examples, of plausible materials that will be produced in h2t? activities and how they might be curated. The materials are essentially:
* Transcribed reflections.
* Numbers of Temperature, Steps (between meetings), Time (between meetings).
* Responses. These could include negative reactions – such as fuck off, no, etc. – as well as positive, ie the making of rhythmic terms sequence out of the 5 possibilities. e.g. collision, collision, fold. ( taken from: “collision”, “folding”, “crossing”, “trans”, and “collapsing” )

This intends to explain, or give a possible clue, as to what kind of stuff will be done at a transart trans-what h2t? presentation. These are short examples. The more material produced, the longer & perhaps more sophisticated such curated presentations may be..

A curated version of negative multiplications, where negative responses and the numbers of Steps, Temperatures and Time (between negative responses) is multiplied.

Nicht [ repeated for 10 x 3 x 23 times (690) to reflect 10 seconds, 3 steps and 23 degrees.] Nope [repeated 23 times to reflect 1 second, 1 step and 23 degrees]. and so on..

Same kind of approach/thinking as .1 can be presented more conceptually by saying the elements. e.g.:

Nicht - 10 seconds times 3 steps times 23 degrees - Nope - 1 second times 1 step times 23 degrees - and so on..

Maybe the focus could be just on the strings that combined languages (imagining for a moment some might). e.g.:

kolize kolize Kollision Kreuzung trans kolize | colapso dobrar dobrar dobrar collapsing cruzando | collaso collaso instorten botsing kruising collaso attraversando | ..and so on..

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