barbican hack exchange/s?

The project(??) aims to investigate the possibilities for exchanges between the Barbican centre, the residents that live around the centre in the Barbican estate. eg, artists in general and myself.

The idea is to put a call, prior to residency dates, among the estate’s residents informing the availability for usage of Barbican centre’s facilities, such as cctv, soldering equipment, projection, audio, etc.. People and groups that might take up the proposal, will get to work/develop-stuff at the Barbican centre, receive information on how they – or others in the Barbican esate – might extend the links, and – to make the exchange complete, will be asked to make their living spaces available for artists to develop stuff at.
Simultaneously, there will be a call put for artists to come and develop stuff at the Barbican estate’s residential areas.

During the time of the residency, I will develop ways to facilitate activities based on the links between various elements such:
* Residents and the Barbican centre.
* Residents and the facilities offered by the Barbican centre.
* Groups & individual artists with residents.

Facilitating such exchange-based links will enable me to investigate the possible role of the artist as an exchange maker/provider/questioner.

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