expression and manifestation in art and a few

lines to search how am i against these..?

Manifestos seem to be reflection onto perceived aims/targets while being in reality motivators, search/terms-elements from rather than towards. I think that everything should be knitted, knittism is best!! In reality, am beginning with knitting, attempting to search its cultivational evolution – not strive to some Perfect knitt..

Expression is fine, imho, as being expression.. The against bit refers to when we imagine expressions as being not expressions while being expressions that are something else..
eg, Can you give me a cup of coffee please, is an expression of a request, not the request, nor the beverage..

I think the request itself is more abstract.. Search elements that might require collisions and other ways to question themselves so thje lot could be a beverage request search that may be expressed, manifested and indeed acted in various ways.. ~But in and of itself, just a meta rhythmic sequence?

Or am i imagining an ability todo stuff that can not be nor be done precisely because i forget that i imagine this?

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