I think the-fabricacafenetworkinvestigation-operating-system-1/ contains a fair amount of bullshit – so opening a NEW space for some other BS..

* Language seems to be the main element in my mind. however, to be too academic and descriptive, prescriptive is not very exciting.
The vastness of negativity can excite me – so found myself pondering about teaching swahili philosophy in japanese – because i know none.. possibly to russian speaking people? ->
That is though how the language of networks gets going. you need a lot of negativity to connect.

* So perhaps what needs to be suggested is the dis-connectivity? Miss-connections? Indeed, connection rather than communication? Or maybe stuff that is more interesting, imho:
— How to un-art in a gallery?
Because of the gallery focus on art – you go in and everything is, including you, is in the contextual lingo – potentially art. So perhaps instead of linking X to art, the focus can be by Un-Linking X to art. That in fact, we can free the object from art, by unlinking it from the practice – hence using the gallery as a node that reveals that art that can not be there.
The gallery as an art object toilette..

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