How 2 transeringness?

A Proposed invite for Trans-what?
How 2 Transeringness?* (H2T?) responds to the question of Trans-xxx (xxx = something. eg art/port/etc), by transporting, translating, transforming, transcribing, transimigining* – and other transings – elements through and into rhythms*.
The practice of H2T? is made of 2 constitutional & 1 contextual elements. 2 elements that produce material within the biennial and actively prod people about trans, transing & rhythms. And a presentational element which will be a curation of the produced material.

Using Rhythms as conceptual materials to create interactions, I will approach* people in the vicinity of the TransArt Biennial and offer the opportunity to make their own sequence out of the terms “collision”, “folding”, “crossing”, “trans”, and “collapsing”. (Concentrating on these relates to the evolving rhythm oriented ontology)
This will allow people to:
– Say no*!
– Create/make-up*, the sequence in their language* or way of presentation.
– Be asked whether or not meeting* with me may be considered to be curated*.

These interactions will be written* on the spot in the form of, for example:
a. Niet. (eg a person said no in russian)
b. Collapse collapse cross trans oops. (“oops” is a terms for statements which might indicate forgetting* concepts.)

Using rhythms as spacetime elements, the time of transporting between the trans interactions – as in element .1 – will be used as a sequence-element in itself to create rhythmic units made by colliding time-between-interactions (eg 41 seconds), the number-of-steps*, and day-temperature* (eg 23 degrees).

The written materials generated in elements .1 & .2 of H2T? will be curated into a 20 minute presentation. This presentation will give a quick overview of the practice and a rhythmic reading of the sequences. eg it will be curated in depending on how it will seem appropriate to environ & time.
Here are some short examples of curational approaches and the kind of text to read out.

Elements with * are to do with kinds of Trans activities. Kinds of transing.
More details.

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