free fear speaks terror loud?

Does post coup turkey seems to be in a midst of an officially staged putch?

A coup or a coup as a terror plot?

Curious.. Rebranding freedom of speech? Where do we know that from?

Is it not a journo sexup? the person in the vid talks about “could be terror”, no?

Well.. sexup or not – seems like web over lord has its own eco of carbon copies?

hold on.. what about rebranding social democracy as “radical”?

Yes.. Is it not more interesting than pointing fingers at turkey and other masked dictatorships, to focus on how freedom of speech is being quashed by stealth in the uk?

by stealth?

Once we define – agree to define – stuff like, for example, searching about isis as a terror linked activity, is it not that without seeming coercion, a certain activity been deemed terroristic?

Is this about defining the discourse?

Perhaps.. Also defining the terms and how they operate?

Is this not a conspiracy?

Is it a conspiracy when people of a similar persuasion and algorithm usage, and with some tenancy for lazy consideration – echo each other?

Is there no difference between echo and definition?

Well.. How easy would it be now to propagate the idea that in the video about the turkish purge of free speech, terror is linked to free expression in a way different to what the title suggests?

Anyhow, why focus on free rather than fearless expression?Why focus on expression?

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