gaps of deception and deceptively honest gaps?

To type here in any kind and manner of language/s – I have to deceive myself as to the range of my knowledge and possibly abilities. (Both in terms of language and stuff am talking re/about..(

That deception, makes a sort of “gap” between claims for reality and the stuff that’s linked and shareable among people. ie I might claim having clues regarding high-land Scottish, however, this is probably not the experience of anyone else’s, nor am I able to support the claim – except via insistence.

Now, suppose I was able to recognise the gap between the reality of my claims and the reality that can be shared – then do stuff to fill/bridge that gap and make it smaller. Make the rhythmic Beat between presentation-claim-shared-beat (i say/present-to-you-a-statement that i know X) to practice-shared-beat (i do-practice-Y-shareably) – quicker and gapless. Once the gap is inconsequential or even gone, then the initial claim becomes honest, no?

Suppose I took different routes to address that gap:
For example, let people know that indeed there is the gap, but it is required to keep imagining it isn’t there – else the stuff that is built on mainlining the gap will fall apart, and everything with it will end!
For example, we know there is a gap, but daring to imagine it isn’t there will be fatal for the person who tries..

These aesthetics, in the way of sensual interplay of and between the honesty, gap, claim, language and knowledge elements might Sound very abstract and theoretical – so let me try to bring it down to earth..

Ukraine early 2014, to be more precise..

The Russian side Claims that al in all it is the honest side in this whole affair. More over, that unlike the “west”, Russia has no gap of honessty between statement of intent and actions. Yes, Russia is playing for power. Yes, Russia can decide the rules for neighbouring states, nations and regimes. Yes, Russia is tired of feeling Nato en-cycles its territory and is using the Ukraine to do something about it.

The “west” side Claims to be “moral” and on the Side-of-the-People, while at the same time pick and choose, globally, which “people” it is on the side of, when and what kind of price to extract for that. This, while at the same time, as in Ukraine, promise securities and fail to deliver. (eg Ukraine got promises of security when it gave up nuclear arsenal in the 90’s, and now its facing a nuclear power by itself..)

Indeed, as far as the Russian media, over lords and cheerleaders, the current sanctions slowly being implemented by the rest of Europe and North america, just shows how toothless, feeble and morally corrupt is the “west”. All that, while Russia is being simply protective of its interests and morally superior because its honest about it. We use brute force to enforce our interests while you guys either fail on your promises or being coy about your force usage via claims it is not for your interests but for democracy (afganistan/iraq/libia), or as protection for defenceless people (kosovo), etc..

However, for all that talk about Russian honesty and Gaplessness – between action and intent – Where does the Russian financial Elite/Oligarchy prefers, of its own accord, to place money for future security? Sibiria? China? Mongolia? Moscow? Chechnia? South-Osetia? St. Petersburg? Or “gay infested, corrupt and duplicitous” London & NY?
More over, as in the abstract example of the gaps enforcements, what might happen to people who do try to point at the gap between seeming honesty while using the wests’ stability for safe financial keeping?
Indeed, in my mind, the possible irony here is that the Very stability that affords the opportunities for Russians – and other authoritarian-based people – to keep fincences safe, IS the very nature of the gap that is being seen as hypocritical.
Yes, the “West” is hypocritical – Very naughtly and self-servingly hypocritical. Yes, the “west” has a HUGE gap between promises, statements of intent and actions. Yes, the west will try at every opportunity to appear moral, while doing the exact opposite.

However, the west also feels confident enough to address the gap. Indeed, openly addressing the gap IS, in my mind, one of the elements that allows the “stability”.

Because governmental/state repression and occupation in the west is done officially under guises of financial necessities and without ever actually meaning to, always some sort of a mistake that will require some correction – tensions are being kept to comparatively less life threatening processes.
As in example #1 – the gap (..or the possibility of having too large gaps between intent-knowledge-affect-actions) is acknowledged and Openly – an element to be addressed. (..even the claim of addressing the gap, or having it.. See 60’s feminism and how it was, to begin with, a trumpt-up “problem”, etc..)
However, still in the “west”, when it comes to financial and often authoritarian entities, the gap are, like in other authoritarian regimes, taken and dealt with, in accepted brutality. The brutality: how critical/questioning do you need to be of people like google/local-bus-company/etc. for that organisation to, in a sense, emigrate you to its very own Sibiria – ie think of you as un-employable.
More crucially, I think its fair to claim that such a behaviour, while un-acceptable by public organisations that supposed to be “inclusive”, is taken as very “logical” and “necessary” when done by these authoritarian commercial entities. ..And like their state-authoritarian-based counter parts, these capitalistic and occupying organisations require states’ own gaps-addressing capabilities, to provide a less physically brutal environment that allows some stability for these organisations to further their own causes..

Perhaps we have been, as a culture and perhaps species, so violently violated that we requre some hypocrisy in order to soften the blow of harshness dealing with real life?

No Idea. Not really.

However, I think that if some hypocrisy is required to begin gap filling processes, then the future of Ukraine, like the present of Rassian oligrarchy’s money location – is and will find its way with the “west”..
I hope that perhaps by the time Ukraine finds itself in the “west”, the Wests’ violent way of doing hypocricity – or perhaps hypocricity itself – will change..
Though prhaps this is a gap I should address in my own perception.. That between hopes, actual possibilities, and physical/cultural limitations..? 😉

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