gay barilla pasta boss comments and violence?

Seems like some people from gay communities call for boycotting Barilla pasta, for a pretty cool notion. The Barilla boss, does sound like a blasted rotten tomato with comments that seem to encourage legitimacy of prejudices against a minority.

I will def not get items from than brand – or linked to that brand – because it will feel awkward… However, I do not think its wise, nor clever – or am even unsure how this can be sustained.

The reason(??) i said that am not going to get anything linked to that brand is that in my mind, even if they say “sorry”, and change the boss, go on all 4 and yelp for forgiveness, and write PLEASE FORGIVE US all the way from Rome to Kemp-Town, I will not buy anything to do with them.
For me, this is just an excuse to tick off another capitalist entity from my possible shopping-list.

However, is this the case for people who say lets’ boycott them?
Is it not that if the boycott gets an apology and a change in a policy, the boycotters will happily stop their campaign, feel pretty chuved about themselves, and then re-aim their boycotting activities towards some other bigot?
For me, in a sense, its a practice of both accepting capitalism and, tacitly, bigoted behaviour.. ( well as violence for resolutions..)

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