general specific specificism?

To be general or specific?

To be specifically general?

As in medium specific?

Maybe this kind of medium specificity?

General or specific career?

And how can being general might be specific?

Any particular category, is not a generally specific?

Any vehicle is specifically for vehicles?

Like site specific art and theatre?

Are art and theatre different??

Will any vehicle include lamas?

Not a very smart question.. Perhaps lets ask whether a general category like vehicles might include stuff that has to do with being a category made of vehicles – rather than vehicles?

Shall we bring a bullshit detector?

Like this one?


If numbers, like the number 1, was a generally specific category for all single stuff – will it also be recognised as, for example, a prime?

It is a prime?

No bullshit?


So 1 is both a general specific category, and has some other characteristics, now what?

Does it not mean the number 1, to put simply, unlike a general specific category such as vehicles – is an abstract?

Are you saying that the category of, say, vehicles can not be an abstract?

Are you on non-specificism?

Are you sure generalisation is not abstract?

Is this to do with concrete and abstract?

The category of vehicles is concrete?

The sensation of vehicleness is an abstract?

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