givens transmittables transes transferable help assistance given?

Sayings are for fools as fools are for making sayings worth repeating?
My fool:
how to give? I have a package of memory to assist you with – this animal is my gift to you. Just a given?
Given is an interface of context through a door into time via Duchamps translates transmutation – but its a given.
Transmittable is a wave and a particle and motion and time and the rhythmicable transition of the transmitted?
Transmittability transes itself when conflated with its reference and confabulate that the trans is the ability?
Transfer help as a libidial – desire induced – practice? Ethical as a help, a truth of absoluteness, a meetup, a hookup with god when everything becomes clear. The X ethic should Be else am not – hence I’d trans-fare..
Transferability assists the notion of help, of giving a gift that is not the transferred but that which it attempts to transfer.. eg the ethical truth..Ever the ethical lie? (ethical lies are white?) White lies as transferables? Is that a truth? Is it unethical if it wasn’t transmitted? Given?

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