go pokecute?

Pokemon go seems to be doing a bit of a rage nowadays. Where can i check it?

Just seen a link here. Never tried though..

Never will?

Maybe if you fancy getting robbed?

lol idk.. they seem repulsively cute, which was always a bit of a rejection for me.. However, I think its kind of interesting to consider the evolution from cards in a pocket to bytes in a popcketable tool, no?

Maybe.. I think its fun the music annoys people.. Interesting that its not a total put off, no?

Hummm.. can you see these as being actual pocket-able creatures one day?

The pokemon dna?

Maybe we could add more pokemon species to the planet?

Or make planet pokemon?

Yes.. Though it might be full of rules I can not get on with.. Maybe pokemon will be my death?

Any rules you do get on with..?

Hummm,, Perhaps its a surprise you are still alive?

..or that am saved by the flex in laws that prevents them from being rules..?

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