gutter-boy adventures in the usa?

gutter-boy – whats that?

how about aka trump?

why not gutter-man?

gutter-boy – as it takes you to the gutter to try solving his problems?

gutter-man could do that too, no?

how about gutter-woman?

isn’t it that both gutter-woman and gutter-man would own up to taking people into their gutter as a way to solve problems?

kids don’t own up to shit they do?

does gutter-boy?

hold-on – trump is, after all a human being. with faults, but human – why call him names?

sure.. aren’t boys human?

what if it was, trump uses a gutter-boy tactics?

if so, does it imply gutter-boy characteristics illustrate trump?

like, trump’s character is gutter-boyish?

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