How to be a collidable network sound and live to tell about it? (H2BACNSAL2TAI?)


H2BACNSAL2TAI is a group activity that builds, and possibly destroys, a sonic network. H2BACNSAL2TAI imagines how networkable sound lives, from the view of sounds, via to the creation of collisions & networks.

Data networks made of bits known as “packets”, are chunks of information passed on within a given locale to create a network of information.

H2BACNSAL2TAI is an active imagining how it might be as an information packet that contains sound in a network. This is done through actively breaking the network – through colliding packets. Each collision will create its own new network sound.


To do H2BACNSAL2TAI, we need at least 3 people – upto any number – to form a circle. To begin with, there will be 2 kinds of messages – sound based “information packets”. Initiated by me, each type will be sent through the circle in a clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

The initial two message types will be:

* A coded logic pseudocode that would have made packets containing sounds collide and produce new sounds which could then travel to other direction on the network. Since it’s an algorithmic pseudocode logic, each person will be able to imagine being a collidable sound in a network. Each object – 53 in total – will travel anti-clockwise.

* Symmultaniously, 53 ideas of sound objects will travel clockwise through the circle. The sound ideas consist of descriptions and noise making, to do with collision sensations – e.g. gritted teeth, wind hitting guitar strings, an earth history of solar winds, etc..

Through H2BACNSAL2TAI process, collisions between nodes/people in the network will be created. Each person will progressively become a “sound colliding chamber” when they receive and transfer 2 different sound types – code & sound ideas.

On completing a full circle , a 3rd sound element will be introduced: Physical “sound packages” made of gaffa-taped bottles and balloons, filled with nuts**.

These will be thrown within the group, at times to another person, and others with the intention of colliding the “sound packages”. If the objects collide, they will be combined (taped) or split to form new sound packages.

The Sounds:

how to be a collidable network sound and live to tell about it (H2BACNSAL2TAI)

Key: is there a packet?=Vi | a friend ? = Ve | a foe? = Vo | an action? = Va | an object = Vo’e


1. sound of an arrow meeting side wind

2. sound of a splat on a lit lighter

3. sound of a traffic inside the scream painting

4. sound of a gasping cyclonic car

5. sound of a missile hitting a heart

6. sound of a chamber orchestra changing clothes

7. sound of a ripple after its gone

8. sound of a hypersonic light

9. sound of a jeeped humvee

10. sound of a reloaded trumpet

11. sound of a deloaded trumpet

12. sound of a unloaded trumpet

13, sound of an empty garage missing a dead body

14. sound of an engine attempting to become biological

15. sound of a an arbitrary number becoming meaningful

16. sound of a an arbitrary number unbecoming meaningfulness

17. sound of a de-becoming of meaning translated into a number

18. sound of a de-becoming of meaning expressed as a number

19. sound of a de-becoming of meaning understood as a number

20. sound of a de-becoming of meaning represented as a number

21. sound of a bus meeting a chicken

22. sound of a bus morphing into a chicken

23. sound of a baby bus-chicken

24. sound of a keyboard at the end of the day

25. sound of a day’s end in a keyboard

26. sound of a day keyboard by the beginning of night

27. sound of a blender with a drum

28. sound of a drummed blender

29. sound of a drumming blender

30. sound of a drummer blender

31. sound of a blending drummer

32. sound of a blending drum

33. sound of a blended drum

34. sound of a splat sneezed

35. sound of a gasp belched

36. sound of a zipped wind

37. sound of a bottling beat

38. sound of a snored ouch!

39. sound of a humming chirp

40. sound of a barking roar

41. sound of a barking lion

42. sound of a snorting caw

43. sound of a snorting crow

44. sound of a bulleting cockatoo

45. sound of a bulleting bleeper

46. sound of a bulleting morse-code

47. sound of a morse-coding a bullet

48. sound of decoding a morse-coded a bullet

49. sound of re-coding a morse-coded a bullet

50. sound of a sneezed a morse-coded bullet

51. sound of a bullet’s will

52. sound of a barking will

53. sound of an unwilling will

1. Vi Vo Va Vo

2. Vi Va Ve

3. Vi Va VoVe VoVe

4. Vi Vo’e Vo Ve

5. Vi Vo’e Va Vo’e

6. Vi VaVo’e Ve Ve

7. Vi  Va Vo Vo

8. Vi VaVa Vo’eVe

9. Vi VaVo’e VaVo’e Vo

10. Vi Va Va Vo’e

11. Vi Va Vo Vo’e

12. Vi Va Vo Vo’e

13. Vi Va Vo’e Vo Ve

14. Vi Vo’e Vi Vi Vo’e Vo

15. Vi Vo’e ViVa Ve

16. Vi Vo’e VoViVa Ve

17. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

18. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

19. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

20. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

21. Vi Vo’e Vi Ve

22. Vi Vo’e Vi Ve

23. Vi Ve  Vo’e

24. Vi Vo’e Vo

25. Vi Vo’e Vo Vo’e

26. Vi Vo’e Vi Ve

27. Vi Va Vi Vo’e Ve

28. Vi VaVo’e Vo’e Ve

29. Vi Vo’eVa Vo’e Ve

30. Vi Vo’eVa Vo’e Ve

31. Vi VaVo’e Vo’e Vo

32. Vi VaVo’e Vo’e Vo

33. Vi VaVo’eVo Vo’e Vo

34. Vi VaVo VaVo

35. Vi Va VaVe

36. Vi VoVaVo’e Vo’eVa

37. Vi VoVaVo’e Ve

38. Vi Va Vo

39. Vi Va Ve

40. Vi VaVo’e Ve

41. Vi Va Va Vo

42. Vi Va Vo’e Ve

43. Vi Va Vo’e Vo

44. Vi Va Vo’e Vo

45. Vi Va Vo’e Vo

46. Vi Va Vo’e Ve

47. Vi Va Vo

48. Vi Vo VaVo’e Vo

49. Vi Ve VaVo’e Vo

50. Vi Vo VaVo’e Vo

51. Vi VoVo’e Va

52. Vi Va VoVe

53. Vi VoVa Va

4 replies on “H2BACNSAL2TAI?”

Will attempt a version of this idea today at http://agencyofnoise.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/aas-live-at-the-prophetic-sound/

Am a bit concerned that there is a sort of implicit assumption people might not mind to come up and do the activity. (..indeed, this is presented, perhaps because of the presentational situation, rather than being a practice..)
Well.. In fact this is part of a research investigative process, a practice in itself, in which perhaps the true life and being of h2bacnsal2tai will be discovered and created simultaneously.

At any rate, the way this is going to Be today is, with some adaptations to the environment, and probably improvisations(??!!), ie tweaks I have not thought of before, as part of the research..

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