#heg13, equalpay and the reasons i will vote green, you?

I wanted to vote “anything but” @BHgreens . Nationally, @thegreenparty in general and @CarolineLucas in particular – despite recent political t-shirted stunts http://arty.li/ZG6 – are V disappointing imho. (..attempting to reform capitalist outlets is a de-facto acceptance of #capitalism, hence placing page #3 images on par with financial rather than cultural legitimacy. @CarolineLucas version of own foot shooting, I guess..)
@thegreenparty had a platform to expand, being in Parliament.
@thegreenparty had a chance to develop new policies, radical – rather than extreme – and embarce the uber importance of #art, #culture, #network as well as #economic emancipatory needs.
@thegreenparty had a time to challenge, the so called “austerity” – the #Capitalistic Big Fail – which everyone knew will cause a turn for right-wing nationalistic and bigoted parties, eg @UKIP. Being in parliament was the Perfect time to try and make a push with future voters. @thegreenparty and @carolinelucas chose cosing up for power, being Nice to current hierarchies and creating a divide between them, politicians, and electorate, hence leaving the greens stepping backwards.
Locally, the greens are yet to do stuff that excites me and doesn’t turn me off from them. For example, @jasonkitcat and @BHGreens behaviour and the attempt to open up local debate through staged pseudo curatorial practices that celebrated their power to decide the discourse rather than open up agendas and to listen – seemed in my mind like cheap populistic politics from the gutters of power-mad nightmares.
@BHGreens as @BHLabour, did not do much towards giving local recycling coop, @magpierecycling, the contract for doing the work for the council. Opting for private sector instead.. 🙁
Politically, I am against the capitalistic flavour of the @thegreenparty. Their solutions are well within #capitalism framework, and worst, in my mind, they do not question it, eg “green economy” – Bush would be proud. Living wage is old school evolved from 19th century’s do-gooders capitalists, perhaps can be argued to be capitalistic apologists?
(Locally, I think the Tory nature of @thegreenparty is well illustrated by the fact that most, if not all, their council gains, came via once Tory held wards – not labour. ie, It seems they appeal more to people who once voted tories.. Though this might be utterly wrong if it happened that somehow only in former tory wards some demographics have changed in @thegreenparty directions?)
Above policies are a few that tit-me-up, am not going into obvious stuff like, “sustainability”, being “natural”, recycling and the fear & blame campaigns that are pumped into schools with green agenda.
Nor am I impressed via being spammed by keithtaylor mep, or the @thegreenparty utter fail to address or understand network, networking, internet, digital, biological and technological freedoms. (perhaps its the conservative green core that prevents it?) Def not like the @PiratePartyUK understands..

However, I have voted for @Carolinelucas and the local @BHGreens last elections, because there weren’t other interesting options and I wanted to give @thegreenparty/@bhgreens a chance to develop in office/parliament. #FAIL

Why I urge others to vote green in #heg13 on 11.06? Well, lets be honest, these local byelections are not going to change the whole wide world, perhaps not even the little world here in hanover and elm-grove ward. However, @BHGreens, are having a tough period at the moment because a decision they took for something that should be dear to all of our hearts, and that for my sad surprise, @bhlabour, @huxley06 and national @UKLabour‎ did not respond to (when i asked), but rather continued in kindergarten politics attempting to point divisions in greens – aren’t such divisions show the democratic nature of the group??!! – and misrepresent the issues of the binstrike pay dispute. Even given the chance, via the @BHGreens leaflet highlighting the =pay nature of the dispute, the @bhlabour and TUSC #heg13 candidates declined to pick it up and show issue in their own perspective.
I am fed up with political candidates treating voters – me – as a child that should be placated temporarily rather than a person they can engage with.

Despite the fact am against payments – numerical exchange modes need to be questioned – but as long as we use these archaic and restrictive exchange modes, I support =pay anywhere and everywhere because it helps emancipation in the economic sphere. This, I think, should be supported and given the thumbs up!

So, yes, I will vote @davidinhanove this time. (@davidinhanove twitts atrociously, perhaps writing is not his forte – http://hanoverelmgrovegreens.nationbuilder.com/ – but he is more of a community person.. a dialogist and an organiser(??), judging from his past.. )
Since I suspect the @thegreenparty nationally and locally are going to stay the same, they will not get my vote and recommendation come next elections. For now friends, perhaps pegup your noses – politics and @thegreenparty do stink – on thursday 11/06 go to the polling stations, and support =pay when it needs to get a show of support.

ok.. am all ranted out now.. 😉

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