have we computed yet..?

ok.. a bit of a predatoiry questiojn, however, it refers to the langugae of imagining computing as a practice..
How do we imagine computing as a searching and creative processes rather than some sort of task completion tool control process.

In that sense, perhaps the understanding of computing is still harking back to uncomputable objects. Therefore perhaps, we are not computing with materials as they are used but adding circuits onto them.. The phone, the pc, etc, are made with materials that are independent of the phone/pc function. The fridge that might be programmed to let me know I need to clean it, or get some more bananas, has a computer addon.. Imagine that its computability was by temperatures, or that of the phone, by the movements, or that the water was a liquid computer.. Perhaps we could, for example, have sound vibrations as a music computer, rather than some tool/object that makes sounds?
Or maybe it can be actually different.. Maybe we have done computing and require a step out of the paradigme?
Maybe we could have bio, or bio-chemichal entities that will Be how they are? A bio-vibrational entity to evolve music/sounds/noises..?

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