headings or categories and?

Are you categorising?

Are you a human being?

Am I a paper rod?

A heading?

Is that another way to say a category?


Say we have a category like fruits, ok..?

go on..

Now say I encounter someone placing bananas as a category outside of fruits and, in fact, making a distinction between the two – how’s that?

Like bananas and fruits are different?

Yes.. Its like bananas are not, by definition a fruit type?

Is that an analogy for something?

Like Art & poetry?

Art and music?

Art and performance?

Art and curation?

Art and.. hummm..?

Hold on.. When it seems like there is an Unacknowledged interval between categories and their operations – are we actually looking at where a crisis is?

Like a crisis in how art is seen through the inability to categorise?

But why categorise – can we not have art free of a heading?

Say you are right, why not place coding, or playing, or walking, or poetry or some other stuff under this beautifully non categorisible term – art?

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