hey bitcoin – fairness and numerical exchanges?

a note –

how does 1 bitcoin/dollar/euro/etc get to be more “valuable” than 0.5?
there are 2 0.5 in the 1 – but 1 is more valuable than the 2. If we had voting like that then 1 person’s vote could be more than 2’s votes.. (assuming they happened to vote for 2 different parties. Also if they voted for one, the de-facto value of 1 is more than theirs..)

But back to numerical exchanges..

For 1 to be more valuable than 2 0.5’s we also need a few other elements:
there should be less 1s than 0.5s.
the relative scarcity of 1s within a system makes an element more desireable. but here comes the really twisted fairness of numerical sequences of exchange:
for 1 to have more value, it requires more people to want 1 than people who have 1. Its not a systematic question of altering mechanisms, its a question of the sequence that makes numerical exchange Be as it is, sense life as it does. Its the art of numerical exchange sequences.
I have 1, and for 1 to have more value than 0.5 there has to be more elements that fancy 1 than elements that have 1. To ensure the sequence is not challenged, there are system of power in place..
In my view, bitcoin does not alter that, its just offering a different way to maintain and develop economical in equalities..

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