honest lies culture make?

an honest lie?

yes.. like how we can in britain pass ourselves as a democracy despite maintaining class and privilege system?

we know there’s in-equality, an undemocratic in-equality, but we can kind of lie about it?

like gender in-equality?

well.. on these levels, isn’t it the sense that these in-equalities could be erased through democratic means – allows us to call britain democratic?

so.. the honest lies of our culture are the evolving nature of democracy?

maybe the developing nature?

no.. i was thinking about something else actually.. like in the brexit putch.. we got a bunch loads of messages regarding “take power back”, or “bring power back”.. i think everybody knew these taking power will be the elites, the rich.. i don’t buy the notion poor people thought it was any other way.. poor != stupit even if some intellectuals like to think so.. However, is it not like a football team support, its your team even though some rich person owns it?

Like its Our Milk, Our Apples – just because they might be produced in britain?

Yes.. but this is kind of pan cultural lies, no? One can imagine a french destitute supporting french wine on account of that being “our wine” – no?

Sure.. But you see.. To make it sort of french oriented, the subject was a wine culture rather than, say a basketball culture, or innovation culture and so on. i think its a bit prejudiced and wrong to assume, presume, wine with french automatically – eg muslim french, and interesting the social classes in france seem to be less visible than indian or british despite the fact i hear loads of people complain about them ..However.. However.. if we stay with wine culture as an example – french or otherwise – is it not that a unity between the Lie and the subject makes a new, a unique sequence, that is of its own characteristics and culture?

What are you on about?

Say we keep the lie of “our wine” but say that “our” isn’t just made in france, but anywhere.. if “Our wine” was to include anywine i might like – then surely, the way i’d approach my relationship with the wine, the way i’d imagine and evolve the exchanges to do with wine – will be different?

Holdon.. Lets roll back.. Why do I think think the “bring back control” call by brexit camp was a cultural lie?

Well.. Has anyone complained – apart from some intellectuals – that what it actually meant was control by and for the rich?

..and am i simply saying that the compliance with the lie is that it forms part of our culture?

yes.. we know its the rich who might get more power – but it is “our rich”.. though isn’t it the these rich include a fair few who are actually migrants from china and russia?

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