how nothing change?

nothing change
amend nothing
nothing reform
from nothing
nothing cure
subtitle nada
alter -nothing
not-a-thing an
other- 何もない
bend-no object
?? ?-? ??-?? ?
change nothing

nothing as a No Thing?
A n0 th1ng change thing5?
How to no but not null 7hings?
How null hasn’7 a no & has th1ng5?
When things and objects m337 4n 4nd?

How no0bject change?
n00bject as a nO Objec7?
While how to Object a not-0bjec7?
How a null like – hasn’7 4 no as an anti but an omission?
When a not – (no-object can’t object to no0bject) has a thing?

How darling doesn’t have a thing nor a null or an object but a distant interval with daring spells while in a dictionary and then while here we – all our dar1ing-m3ss – can come dar1ng-n3ss and connect an interval that requires you, them, us, they and we to finally fail to object and make that new daring darling a no-object?

How to no change but alter and amend nothing?
When to alter an amendment from a change via an no-objective?

And yet is it possible to reflect authentically here,
following the questions from
How to no
How darling doesn’t
How no0bject change
nothing as a
and exit without a connection with a fresh tag between
objects and things and negations and questions that may
dare darlings?